Hyper Heroes MOD APK v1.0.6.46783 (Unlimited Money)

Hyper Heroes MOD APK

Download Game Hyper Heroes Premium APK MOD Terbaru Gratis - Hay semua, kali ini pada kesempatan pagi hari ini saya akan membagikan sebuah game android hanya untuk kalian yang suka dengan game. Dan nama game ini sendiri adalah Hyper Heroes Full Version Android Game yang jenisnya adalah Role Playing Game yang sangat seru dan menarik. Kalian wajib dan harus memiliki Game Hyper Heroes Pro Android Game Terbaru yang saya bagikan pada kesempatan kali ini.

Game Hyper Heroes Latest Update 2016 - Download dan mainkan keseruan yang tak terkalahkan dari pada game game android yang lainnya. Cobalah luangkan waktu kalian untuk memainkan game Hyper Heroes Cheat Android Free, seru dan menarik sob jika kalian semua memainkan game yang saya bagikan pada kesempatan kali ini. Wajib dan harus memiliki game Hyper Heroes Guide ini sob.


  • The finest of your heroes can now wield the power of "Hero Relics"!

Each hero has a unique set of gears that can greatly improve their overall strength.

Improving heroes relic set will alter their appearances!
  • Complete overhaul for the guild system.
Hyper Heroes MOD APK 
Hyper Heroes MOD APK 
Hyper Heroes MOD APK 
Hyper Heroes MOD APK

Additionally FEATURES
  • Simple Control, Super Fun:

Issue orders, take aim and cast skills, all easily controlled by a finger swipe!
  • Turn-based combat and tactical thinking:

Plan your moves, adjust formations and build up combos to overcome your enemies!
  • Strategic Team-building & Hero Collection:

Each hero comes with a set of unique stats & skills that greatly how your plan & fight!

Try out different setups to gain the upper hand!

  • Multiplayer Game Modes: Fun With Friends & Prove Your Strength

Play Co-op levels with up to 3 buddies, share the extra loot & fun!

Or battle head-to-head against other players in real-time PVP duels!

What's new :

  1. Introducing: Hero Relics!
  2. Complete overhaul for the guild system:
  3. Guild Levels: 
  4. Make your contribution for the improvement of your guilds.
  5. Guild Quests:
  6. A series of newly designed, highly challenging levels that it takes the might of the entire guild to overcome.
  7. Guild Runes:
  8. Guild Runes will provide powerful stats boost exclusively to the members of your guild.

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